Christopher Burman

Artist & Urban Technologist

Christopher Burman is an urban technologist, artist & co-founder of collaborative design studio Heat Island.

His work as an artist explores the politics of technology and digital production through the use of installation, software and audio and has been shown internationally including at MANIFESTA12, Palermo, KW Institute, Berlin, Jupiter Woods, London and Kunsthalle Lissabon, Portugal.

He is currently a Lecturer at The Bartlett, UCL. Between 2018 and 2020 he was Director of Digital Strategy at Strelka KB. He was previously a core-team member at Pachube (now Xively), a platform for storing and sharing sensor data and connecting IOT devices acquired by Google in 2018, for which he was nominated for a Design of the Year award by The Design Museum, London.

email: chris [at] burman [dot] work
twitter: @cburman
instagram: @burman.work

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Growing up in the age of machine intelligence

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Heat Island


Heat Island is a collaborative design studio formed between a group of architects, engineers and designers in London, as a space in which to work on projects related to the climate crisis and interested in the types of systemic and large scale change that are necessary to move cities, buildings and infrastructures towards sustainable limits.

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Regularly updated, loosely organised collection of photography by Christopher Burman.


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Research archive of references and links including, science, perception, sensing, articles, images and videos.